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Wilder Bobblehead Dolls for Sale

By Robert Ecksel on March 24, 2020

wilder bobblehead 5 Vasha Hunt.jpg

“Let’s be honest,” said Froch. “He just doesn’t have a chance with Fury.” (Vasha Hunt)

One doesn’t need a crystal ball to know that former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder’s career is on the skids. The one-sided loss to Tyson Fury showed his inadequacy in the ring. He was also a poor loser.


A third fight with Fury is scheduled for July 18. Not likely. But the fight remains ripe for eating airtime. Just ask Carl Froch.


On his Froch on Fighting podcast, the former super middleweight champion said, “It wasn’t what I expected. I thought Tyson Fury could win on points and do the job wide on points as well, but I thought there would be moments of trouble for him. Tyson Fury put on an amazing performance. I thought it was fantastic. I was amazed that he was able to dominate from round one and put Deontay Wilder on his back foot.”


I thought Fury gained control in round three, but numbers were never my strong suit.


“He took Wilder on and beat him at his own game, didn’t he?” said Froch. “He moshed him down, backed him up and bullied him against the corners and ropes and hit him often. As soon as the bell sounded, he did everything he said he was going to do but he did it even better. It was kind of a mismatch when you watched it.”


Yup, it was a mismatch. Wilder was out of his depth. It’s called boxing for a reason.


“He never really got going in the fight, and round after round, it got worse and worse for him. The referee did him a massive favor and the cornerman chucked in that towel. It couldn’t have come at a better time.


“I think it could have come earlier. It kind of saved his skin. He got absolutely battered. He got thrashed. Tyson Fury beat him up and bullied him, and that’s why I’m surprised the rematch is happening so soon. Wilder—I’ve got to laugh—he says his ring entrance was too heavy.”


Wilder said a lot, before and after the fight. Froch thought it was unsightly.


“That’s worse than David Haye and his little toe,” he said. “He says he’s going to come back bigger and stronger. I just can’t see it. He got beat up. He kind of got exposed. Tyson Fury for me is number one in the division.”


Got beat up, got exposed—those are fighting words.


“When it got to round 6 and 7, it was evident that this needs to be stopped now. This is enough of a beating. He got saved by his cornerman, and he got saved by the referee. I don’t see the rematch being any different, I really can’t. Let’s be honest. The confidence is gone. He just doesn’t have a chance with Fury. Fury will just shut him down and absolutely write him off verbally during the whole build-up. We know what to expect with Fury. He’s going to have an absolute field day.”

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