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Waiting for a Call

By Richard E. Baker on January 25, 2021

Until something opens up, Kadin LeCoure remains in the gym. (Photo: Richard E. Baker)

His first pro fight was a tough one as he faced Ron Simmons (3-4-1) at the Coeur d’Alene Casino in Worley, Idaho. Facing a boxer who had already had 8 pro fights was a big step. “I felt that with enough raw determination and effort there was no reason I could not excel.”


The split decision win was close. Kadin LeCoure rocked Simmons in the first round. Thinking Simmons was finished, he showered him cluster bombs coming all the way from Canada. Simmons knows something about the game and managed to survive. LeCoure learned a valuable lesson: not every stunned fighter goes down. LeCoure had punched himself out and the minute between rounds was hardly enough for him to regain his strength. He continued to catch his breath in the second round and punched with measured shots from the outside. It was more of the same in the third round as Simmons avoided the blows. Then, in the fourth round Simmons caught LeCoure, knocking him hard enough toward the canvas that LeCoure’s gloved touched the mat and referee Joel Scobie called a knockdown.


LeCoure has since gone on to defeat Andrew Howk (0-5-0) by KO and Dennis Hallman (1-2-0) by TKO. His career has now been stalled due to covid. There are simply no venues for new boxers. Staging a show is far too expensive without television money and few people will pay for a 3-0-0 fighter known only in the Northwest.


Until something opens up, LeCoure remains in the gym, determined to keep in shape and waiting for a call. “Have gloves will travel” is his motto.

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