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The loaded handgun and Errol Spence Jr.

By Robert Ecksel on January 2, 2020


“That’s Errol Spence, the boxer. He’s famous. One of his fights was at Cowboys Stadium.”

Errol Spence Jr. is still part of the discussion. The 29-year-old WBC/IBF welterweight champion from Desoto, Texas, escaped a life-threatening injury when he wrecked his Ferrari, which flipped over five times at high speed, on October 10 in Dallas, and was thrown from the vehicle. Spence was charged with DWI. His medical records have not been disclosed, and Spence, in his only public appearance since the accident, was unusually subdued, even as he promised, somewhat uncertainly, to return in the New Year, presumably as good as new or, failing that, none the worse for wear.


That’s old news. What’s new news is that footage of blood being drawn from a sedated Spence to determine his blood alcohol content was recently obtained by TMZ. It allegedly “shows a cop scrambling to get a blood sample from the boxer” while he was in the ICU. Watch the video to see if there's any “scrambling.”


Of more significance, and absent TMZ’s breathless prose, is the also recently released police body cam footage from the scene. More questions than answers have emerged as a result of the footage, less regarding Spence’s condition, which is still shrouded in mystery, than his character, as “officers found a loaded, expensive handgun at the crash scene.


“You can hear the cops talking about the gun ... with one of the officers saying jokingly, ‘It's only a $1,000 gun!’”


One of the cops who found the gun said, “Hey, that’s nice. It’s still loaded, so be careful with it.”


Another said, “That’s Errol Spence, the boxer.”


“I never heard of him.”


“He’s very famous. One of his fights was at Cowboys Stadium.”


The cops failed to determine, according to a spokesperson for the Dallas Police Department, or perhaps investigate, via registration files or fingerprints on the weapon, whether it belonged to Spence or not.


Maybe a passerby dropped it to the ground and failed to notice.

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