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Showtime Results

By Richard E. Baker on May 22, 2022

Benavidez-vs-Lemieux2 copy.jpg

The fight went as expected. Lemieux never had a chance. (Photo: Richard E. Baker)

David Benavidez (25-0-0) vs. David Lemieux (43-4-0)


The fight went as expected. Lemieux resembled a welterweight against Benavidez. People expected no upsets and imagined Benavidez to continue his march to another world championship against Canelo Alvarez. Lemieux’s only chance seemed to catch Benavidez during one of the many times he dropped his arms to his sides. Lemieux never had a chance. Benavidez spent time covering up on the ropes but it seemed he was just killing time to prolong the fight. Lemieux’s corner tossed in the towel in round 3.


Victor Ortiz (32-7-3) vs. Todd Manuel (20-19-1)


Victor Ortiz continues to plug along. Boxing is how he makes his living. He is tough and skilled and has fought some of the best. His last fight against Robert Guerrero was a slow plodding loss that raised the blood of no one. He and Andre Berto spent more time sitting on the canvas then standing on it in a truly exciting bout. His loss to Josesito Lopez came as a result of a broken jaw. Seeing a boxer with his skills outside the television broadcast seemed unusual. This fight gave the fans the opportunity to see what has left. He won, of course but it took a lot of effort. He can still fight and beat some prospects but has little chance against contenders.


Luis Raynaldo Nunez (16-0-0) vs. Jonathan Javier Fierro (13-0-0)


Jonathan Fierro is an interesting young man. Only one of his 13 fights has gone past the 2nd round. He jumps from his corner as if shot from a cannon and probably expends most of his energy. People were anxious to see how he did past the 2nd round. Most of his fights have been in Mexico against questionable opponents. Almost all of Nunez’s fights have been against credible opponents with winning records. The fight was bound to be interesting, and it was. The fight wavered throughout. Fierro had difficulty getting set before throwing combinations, could not find his distance, and was not in the best of shape. He lost by two points on all cards.


Estevan Villabalos (15-1-1) vs. Christon Edwards (13-3-0)


Villabalos wanted a chance to prove himself against another tough professional. His best fight to date was a loss to rising star Blair Cobbs. Cobbs put him away in the 9th round of the 10-round fight. The fight showcased Villabalos’ skill and potential. He had Cobbs on the run the entire fight and was ahead when he went down more from exhaustion than any punch. “I was too exhausted to move,” he said. “I realized I had to get into better shape if I want to compete in the higher ranks.” He vowed, as do most boxers, to put away his opponent, tough Christon Edwards. He said he would wear him down then finish him off. Things often don’t work out as we plan. In this case it did. Villabalos broke down Edwards then put him away in round 3.


Elijah Garcia vs. (10-0-0) vs. Rowdy Montgomery (7-3-1)


The fight was one of the better fights in a night of poor and dull competition. In a tough, grueling professional fight the men gave it their all with Garcia taking the victory.


Jesus Ibarra (13-0-0) vs. Ernesto Guerrero (33-33-0)


Ibarra finished off Guerrero in round 1.


Chavon Davis (debut) vs. Brent Oren (4-8-0)


Davis TKO’d Oren in round 1.


Micky Scala (5-0-0) vs. Mike Plazola (2-1-0)


Scala put down Oren 4 times in round 1 on his way to finishing him off.


Julio Herandez (1-0-0) vs. Gibran Perez (debut)


Herandez looked a bit tentative at the weigh-in with Perez. He has been training for two years and had his pro debut two months ago, a KO win over Marcus Lopez. He is not yet used to the glitz of big time boxing and he is cautious of opponents. He will eventually view events as just another day at the office. He had nothing to worry about on this night. He loves to fight and he fights hard, a come-ahead bucket of guts. It showed as he KO’d Perez in round 1.


Yoelvis Gomez (5-0-0) vs. Gorge Cota (30-5-0)

Before the fight Cota spent time complaining about his opponent. He said it was a disgrace for I’m to fight a man with only 5 fights. Sometimes it does no good to complain as Gomez won every round of the 10-rounder.

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