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Scouting Report: Keon Papillion

By Caryn A. Tate on July 23, 2021

Keon Papillion fights this Saturday versus Rayshawn Cooper, in his fifth pro fight. (YouTube)

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Being the son of a former professional fighter is a unique challenge for any young boxer. Twenty-four-year-old welterweight prospect Keon Papillion (4-0, 3 KOs), is well aware: he’s the son of former junior middleweight world title challenger Jason Papillion, who fought the likes of Ronald “Winky” Wright and Bronco McKart in the early 2000s.


“I got started in boxing through my dad,” Keon Papillion said. “I didn’t want to do it at first because he kind of forced me to do it at a young age. I quit to go play other sports and didn’t find the attention and center spotlight that I wanted, so I found my way back to boxing.”


Regardless, Jason Papillion’s fighting style strongly influenced that of his son.


“He has a major influence on the way I fight,” explained Keon, “because I watched him and Roy Jones as I grew up. Those were the only two I knew since him and Roy were close while they were fighting at the time. Plus my father is my coach so he plays a major influence on me.”


In the ring, Papillion displays aggression but is mindful about how he does it.


“Being aggressive allows me to take the fight to my opponent and sometimes breaks them mentally. But I have to be defensively responsible because I don’t want anyone to land a lucky shot on me that can turn the fight into their favor.”


If given the choice of fighting at long range or close, Papillion is clear about which he prefers.


“I enjoy fighting on the outside more because it allows me to show more of my athleticism and avoid getting hit as to being on the inside,” he said.


When he’s not preparing for his next fight, Papillion stays busy and active.


I spend my days out the gym playing other sports or enjoying time with my close friends and family. From basketball to football, to anything I can compete in because I’m highly competitive when it comes to sports and games.”


Papillion fights Saturday, July 24th in Pell City, Alabama, versus Rayshawn Cooper (0-1). Papillion has a simple message for boxing fans ahead of his fifth bout.


“All I can say is be on the watch for me. You’ll know about me soon, one way or the other. The best you’ve yet to see.”

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