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Andy Ruiz Jr. wants Tyson Fury

By Robert Ecksel on February 29, 2020


“I’m here and I’m ready. I just want a shot with Tyson Fury.” (Getty/Richard Heathcote)

When we last saw Andy Ruiz Jr., he was gassed in Saudi Arabia. After futilely chasing Anthony Joshua, who had been retooled as a boxer-puncher, over 12 frustrating rounds, he lost the heavyweight titles he had won six months earlier. Ruiz didn’t experience a Deontay Wilder-style beating, but he was out of shape and unprepared and Joshua was more than happy to box his way to victory.


Their first fight in Madison Square Garden was a different story. The chubby underdog no one knew defied the odds and boxing wisdom that night. All it took was a wealth of experience, gnawing hunger, and a titleholder who wouldn’t fight back.


Watching last week’s rematch, and reflecting on what Fury overcame to become King of the World again, reminded Ruiz of what he’s been missing, and what he should never forget.


Admitting to being “shocked” at what happened on February 22, Ruiz told PBC on Fox, “I think Tyson Fury did an awesome job. He did everything that he had and his ability, his long reach and all that and he’s the man right now. I had flashbacks to my fight on June 1st. It was kind of similar. It was in the same round as well so it was pretty crazy but good for Tyson Fury. I think Fury did that he had to do. He stuck to the game plan. I’m pretty sure he could do it again and I could do it too so, if they pick me, I’m here and I’m ready.


“I just want a shot with Tyson Fury.”


Ruiz would be perfect for a tune-up, assuming Fury needs a tune-up, and there’s no evidence of that. A third fight with Wilder is more likely. A rematch clause saw to that. If Wilder were to step aside, against all odds, the all-British affair against Anthony Joshua would be Fury’s next fight. But AJ’s situation is more complicated. He has as many mandatories as he has belts. Any of them could be snatched away at a moment’s notice. Fury will fight anyone. Atlas, God, Zeus, Hercules—Bring ‘em on, all on the same night. Oh, and if Joshua has the time, Fury would love to fight him.


Andy Ruiz Jr. may want to fight Tyson Fury, but Fury has bigger fish to fry.

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