Boxing News by Robert Mladinich

Quarry Family Values

December 20, 2019

Boxing, it seemed, was the only Quarry family business. The patriarch, Jack, who was 81 when I spoke with him, wouldn’t have had it any other way…

The Great Rollino, Strongest Man in the World

January 8, 2020

Rollino’s love affair with boxing reached its apex in 1919, when his brother took him to Toledo, Ohio, to see Jack Dempsey knock out the gargantuan Jess Willard

The Meteoric Rise and Fall of "Big" John Tate

January 13, 2020

He wanted the world to know that beneath the great big welcoming Southern smile was a good and decent man who deserved another shot at life…

Charley Green: The Devil Made Him Do It

March 22, 2020

Although there was overwhelming evidence to suggest otherwise, Charley “Devil” Green always insisted he was not a triple murderer…