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Rascon, Back to Mexico

By Richard E. Baker on January 22, 2021

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“At the age of 15 I was a little fat girl and I wanted to lose weight.” (Photo: Richard E. Baker)

Do not call Angelica Rascon (10-0, 2 KOs) an old lady. At 29 years old, she is anything except old, not for a female boxer. A pretty little 118-pounder, she is a ball of fire in the ring with an unlimited amount of energy. She starts punching the day before she enters the ring and does not stop until the day after. Her fans adore her and she feels the same way about them.


She never expected to be a professional boxer. “At the age of 15 I was a little fat girl and I wanted to lose weight.” Because there was a boxing gym in town, her father suggested she try boxing. Boxing came easy to her and she felt good, covered in sweat, after the workouts. The pounds rolled off. Soon the boys wanted to box with her. She was not sure. Boys are stronger than girls. She had nothing to worry about. They swarmed around her like flies. They buzzed like flies. They punched like flies. She started swatting them to the mat like flies. To her, they were flies, annoying little flies that she smacked with ease.


She moved into the amateur ranks and piled up a dismal record. The women were tougher than the boys and more difficult to put down. They wanted to run around, throw meaningless punches, and not fight. After 14 fights—7 wins and 7 losses—she decided the amateurs were not for her. She wanted to fight, not dance. She made the correct choice. She might have gotten some old sugar daddy to take her in as a manager, but she was too clever for that. She understood what happened to all the Mexican girls who wanted to be in the movies. The only movies they were ever in were strips of Super-8. She decided to manage herself. By taking on anyone in the ring, she has done okay. She refuses no fights. Now she needs more, more help in her management.


With her 10 wins Angelica “Mo Cuishie” Rascon is now ready for a legitimate manager and promoter. “I have been showing what I can do,” she said. “With the right help I will be world champion.” She understands she cannot advance much farther on her own. Most of her fights have been in Mexico with just two in El Paso. The exposure needed is in the US and to fight top opponents requires connections, something she does not have. She is open to offers.


She is presently training with Poncho, Javier Valero, and Jose Benavidez in Burien, Washington for her upcoming fight against Josefina Vazquez on February 20 in Tijuana. With fights limited in the US, Mexico is the only place to do battle.


Rascon brings something more into the ring than just boxing. She is an entertainer, much like Mexican wrestlers, and enjoys wearing different costumes. She likes putting on a show. Costumes are fine but there is no greater show than a good fight with plenty of action. That she also does well and she also brings with her, power. Female boxers are not known for their KO power, but with two KOs to her credit, she carries a heavy punch. There is nothing more entertaining than that.

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