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125 Must-Read Boxing Articles! (Part 3)

By Peter Wood on January 26, 2020


When Muhammad Ali appeared on stage, all of Broadway flinched. (Photo: NY Times)

(The third of a 5-part series)


Boxing is bizarre—scandalous as well as honest. Some people claim boxing is criminal, even immoral, and should be abolished. Others assert boxing is a compelling, captivating, and beautiful art form.


This tug-of-war moral ambivalence of boxing is one reason why media coverage of boxing goes well beyond sport pages and Ring Magazine and well into mainstream media.


Listed below are 25 more eclectic magazines, journals, and internet publications devoted to this beautiful sport—or criminal and immoral activity.  


1. “Johnny Tapia—A Boy Born For Prison” (Albuquerque Journal)


2.  “Headgear Pussyfies  Amateur Boxing” (For Men Only Journal)


3.  “Does Andrew Golota Have a Functioning Brain?” (Sports Psychology Journal)  


4.  “The Truth Is I Hate Fighting”—an interview with Sugar Ray Robinson (The New York Amsterdam News)


5.  “I Wanted to Punch the Smile Off Clay’s Ugly Puss”—interview with George Chuvalo (The Toronto Star)


6.  “George Foreman’s Favorite Punching Bag: Joe Frazier!” (Harvard Lampoon)


7.  “Boxing is the Most Beautiful & Honest Genre of Art” (Art in America Magazine)


8.  “Boxing is Ballet with Blood” (Dance Spirit Gazette)


9.  “Frank Bruno is Bullied By His Own Mind” (Mental Illness Journal)


10. “It’s Horrible How Beautiful Boxing Is” (Better Homes and Gardens Magazine)


11. “The Universe Is Shitting on Me!”—interview with Adrien Broner (Essence Magazine)


12. “A Quick Chat With Joe Palooka” (The Best of Marvel Comics)


13. “Paulie Spadafora  Never Met a Drug He Didn’t Like” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


14. “Tyson Chews Holyfield’s Ear…And Wants Lennox Lewis’s Children For Dessert” (Gourmet Magazine)


15. “God Invented Boxing Gloves For Muhammad Ali’s Hands” (The Ecumenical Review)


16. “Ringo Banged Me Like a Drum”—Sally Strumpet, a Mustang Ranch Prostitute, reminiscing heavyweight Oscar “Ringo” Bonavena (Penthouse Magazine)


17. “Even a Film-Clip of Sugar Ray Robinson Could Beat Today’s FIVE Middleweight Champions!” (Consumer Reports Magazine)


18. “My Favorite Race Car”—an interview with Errol Spence, Jr. (Drag Racing Gazette)


19. “My Favorite Race Car”—an interview with ex-heavyweight champ, Jack Johnson (Drag Racing Gazette)


20. “Nikolay Valuev Is Not a Boxer—He’s A Creature!” (National Geographic Magazine)


21. “Tyson Fury is the Mother of His Bazaar Thoughts” (Bazaar Magazine)


22. “Mike Tyson Is A Hair in His Own Eye” (Confidential Magazine)


23. “The Articulate Fists of Buck White”—Cassius Clay’s debut in “Buck White,” a Broadway musical in 1969 (Jet Magazine)


24. “Who Wins—Mountain Rivera or Rocky Balboa?” (Variety Magazine)


25. “I Hurt People. That’s My Job”—an interview with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez” (GQ Magazine)

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Peter Wood is the author of “The Boy Who Hit Back.”

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