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125 Must-Read Boxing Articles! (Part 2)

By Peter Wood on January 13, 2020

Benny_Leonard 5 sh.jpg

Could even an old photograph of Benny Leonard outbox today’s lightweight champions?

(The second of a 5-part series)


Boxing is a bloody ballet—a compelling, captivating, and enthralling business.


The reporting of this insane sport goes well beyond sport pages and Ring Magazine.


Listed below are 25 more eclectic magazines, journals, and internet publications devoted to this crazy sport.  


1.  “Riddick Bowe Doesn’t Do Introspection Well” (O, The Oprah Magazine)


2.  “Gerry Cooney Was a Strong Man Full of Weakness” (Newsday)


3.  “Inside Charlie “Devil” Green’s Heart Lives An Evil Monster” (New York Amsterdam News)


4. “Adrien Broner—A Victim of His Own Success” (Marvel Comics)


5.  “Boxing Is Childish Masculinity” (The New York Times—op-ed article)


6.  “Boxing Is Dysfunction!” (Spirituality and Healing Magazine)


7.  “Naked With Boxing Gloves!—photo-shoot with Mia St. John (Playboy Magazine)


8.  “‘Being A Nice Guy Is Not A Profession,’ Declares Champion Vitali Klitschko”(Kyiv Post)


9.  “Nicolino Locche’s Boxing Style Is Awkward Harmony” (Rolling Stone Magazine)


10. “Paulie Malignaggi Boxes With a Brooklyn Accent” (The Brooklyn Citizen)


11. “Trying to Hit Floyd Mayweather is Like Drinking Soup With a Fork” (Gourmet Magazine)


12. “Boxing Was My Medicine”—an interview with ex-middleweight champion Donny Lalonde  (Anxy Magazine)


13. “Muhammad Ali Weaponizes Intellect!” (Soldier of Fortune Magazine)


14. “Don King Claims ‘People Are, Basically, Human Beings’” (Hustler Magazine)


15. “Joe Frazier Was the Meat—George Foreman Was the Knife” (Bon Appétit Magazine)


16. “Knockout”—the Most Exciting Word in Sports” (The Daily News)


17. “Boxing: Emotional Bloodletting—Gut-Wrenching Theater of the Real” (ARTnews)


18. “Boxers Impose Order on Their Disorder” (Psychology Today)


19. “Even Joe Louis’ Statue Could Destroy Deontay Wilder!” (Ebony Magazine)


20. “People Who Hate Boxing Will Come Back as an Everlast Punching Bag in Their Next Life” (Karma Magazine)


21. “Boxers Turn Their Psychological Problems Into a Paycheck” (The Wall Street Journal)


22. “Boxing is a Primal-Scream Sport” (Men’s Fitness Journal)


23. “Emotional Pain Made Matthew Saad Muhammad a Champ!” (Family Circle)


24. “Even an Old Photograph of Benny Leonard Could Outbox Today’s Lightweight Champion!” (The Jewish Chronicle)


25. “I’m Not Too Smart, But I Can Lift Very Heavy Objects”—an interview with ex-heavyweight contender Jumbo Cummings (Prison News)



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Peter Wood is the author of “The Boy Who Hit Back.”

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