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125 Must-Read Boxing Articles! (Part 1)

By Peter Wood on January 3, 2020


Screw Magazine’s “Robin Givens Has a Black Belt in Bullshitting” is an uplifting profile.

(The first of a 5-part series)


Listed below is an eclectic array of 125 magazines, journals, and internet publications devoted to boxing.  


Boxing is a bloody ballet—a compelling, captivating, and enthralling business and the reporting of this sport goes well beyond sports pages and Ring Magazine.


Boxing transcends sport like none other. Boxing comes with spiritual overtones; it touches upon science, and it is, arguably, an art form.


Prizefighters, like artists, are tortured souls. They work out their pain with fists. 


The ring is a violent place where skin, bone, and brain are damaged. But it is also a place where a boxer discovers, deep down, who he, or she, really is.


In the ring a fighter learns to ignore fear, weakness, and vulnerability.


Here are some past articles…that I’d like to see.


1.  “Mysterious Deaths—John F. Kennedy, Jeffrey Epstein, Sonny Liston” (Time Magazine)


2.  “Boxer Arturo Gatti’s Facial Injuries Look Auto-Related!” (Car and Driver)


3.  “Carmen Basilio’s Battered Eye-Socket—Rocky Marciano’s Split Nose—Hasim Rahman’s Horned Forehead—Monsters on Their Faces!” (The Enquirer)


4.  “The Dark Fertile Crevices in Frankie DePaula’s Brain” (Discover Magazine)


5.  “Mike Tyson’s Brain Is in His Fists” (Mental Health Today)


6.  “Two-Ton Tony Galento Was—Essentially-Human” (Scientific American)


7.  “Mike Tyson: I Don’t Seek Violence—I AM Violence” (Mental Health)


8.  “I Am Not God—But I Am Related to Him”—an interview with Cassius Clay (Jet Magazine)


9.  “Internet Troll Charlie Zelenoff Is a Toxic Creature Ruled By Stupidity” (Cracked Magazine)


10. “Boxing is a Language Older Than Words” (The Linguist)


11. “Ike Ibeabuchi—The Ape That Never Evolved” (National Geographic)


12. “How Did That Cheeseburger Get on My Plate?”—an interview with George Foreman (Bon Appétit Magazine)


13. “Noxious Adolescents—Jake LaMotta & Rocky Graziano” (Journal of Adolescence)


14. “If the Phone Didn’t Ring, It Was Me”—Jack Dempsey explaining his avoidance of Harry Wills (Negro Digest)


15. “I’m Strong But I’m Weak”—an interview with Floyd Patterson (Psychology Today)


16. “I Want to Jihad Your Face”—an interview with Amir Khan (The Islamic Monthly Magazine)


17. “Boxing Was Gene Tunney’s Harvard and Yale” (The Ivy League Journal)


18. “Young Roberto Duran—A Belly Full of Poverty” (Gourmet Magazine)


19. “Robin Givens Has a Black Belt in Bullshitting” (Screw Magazine)


20. “Light Heavyweight Contender Roger Rouse Admits His Hair is Thin and Anorexic” (Salon Hair Magazine)


21. “Chuck Wepner Proves That It’s Not an Ouchless Life” (The Jersey Journal)


22. “Even Joe Louis’s Statue Could Beat Anthony Joshua” (


23. “Sonny Liston’s Blunt Eloquence” (Best American Poetry 2015)


24. “In the Ring, Stuttering Rubin “Hurricane” Carter” Never Stuttered!” (The Stuttering Foundation)


25. “Doom Was Embedded In Edwin Valero’s DNA” (El Diario)

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Peter Wood is the author of “The Boy Who Hit Back.”

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