Fight Rumor

By Richard E. Baker on January 16, 2021

People in the boxing game often call me thinking I might have some information. I don’t.

Big name boxers have fewer problems getting fights when fights are scarce. Television will pay for known commodities. The newcomers suffer—few venues, little money. Just getting everyone food and rooms can be a problem… READ MORE

Garcia had to think and adapt tonight against the wily Luke Campbell. (Photo: DAZN)

He's a professional fighter—that's all the proof I need to know he's tough. But I need to see: can a fighter think in there, can he adapt, can he become a dog if he needs to be one? And tonight Garcia showed that he can do all of those things... READ MORE

The Sun Will Come Out

By Richard E. Baker on January 21, 2021

Just think of the various title fights coming before the end of January. (Photo: Robert Ecksel)

Fighters continue to dodge Terence Crawford, one of the best in the business, as they wait for him to grow old. And most other champions refuse to fight worthy opponents, instead attempting to earn as much money as they can before being exposed… READ MORE