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Father and Sons

By Richard E. Baker on December 5, 2022

Jose Benavidez Sr..jpg

During the summer, dust, rather than rain, falls from the sky. (Photo by Richard E. Baker)

David is a nice and personable man but not a great thinker. He is shy around the press. He is easily led and sometimes makes poor decisions. Various factions are constantly attempting to get him away from his father... READ MORE

Jack Johnson vs. Arthur Cravan: Who's your Dada?

By Robert Ecksel on January 31, 2023


Craven disappeared without a trace in 1918, presumably drowned at sea at the age of 31.

Marcel Duchamp and Francis Picabia, among others, expressed their admiration, and André Breton crowned Cravan a precursor of Dadaism, an art movement that flourished from 1915 to 1922, before ceding the stage to surrealism… READ MORE

Inside the Ropes of Boxing.jpg

Ketelle’s writing has a friendly, thought-provoking tone rather than a self-important one.

Young fighters are cautioned about red flags on the business side of things, provided with useful tips for the different stages of their careers, and given guidance on some of the intangibles that make a fighter successful in the long-term… READ MORE

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