Sixteen Pounds of Punches

By Richard E. Baker on March 29, 2021

luis noir3.jpg

Competence, not health, was the main concern in those days. (Photo: Richard E. Baker)

The trick is not to fill up paper with any boxer but to choose boxers with real skill and potential, ones who have a chance to make the big time, to at least become true prospects, contenders, and possibly even champions…READ MORE

Whyte Stops Povetkin in Rematch

By Caryn A. Tate on March 27, 2021


It was evident that Povetkin’s chin was just not there anymore. (Photo: Matchroom Boxing)

Povetkin, now 38, has seen better days. He’s still a good fighter, but his punch resistance isn’t nearly where it should be any longer; and like all older athletes, his physical reflexes are too slow to match what his mind recognizes needs to be done… READ MORE

The "Habanero Kid," Luis Gallegos, Wins First Victory

By Richard E. Baker on May 10, 2021


You look him directly in the eyes. He looks confident, too confident. (Photo: Richard E. Baker)

One system says go for it, knock him out. The other system says to go easy, be smart, don’t blow all your strength too quickly. Your body attempts to balance the two systems. For a moment you feel uncomfortable and tingly… READ MORE