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Matchroom lock out the Heavys?

By Ben Thomsett on January 6, 2020


The recent news was Machiavellian at best, and just good business practice at worst.

Game shows—especially the ones where chance is beaten by general knowledge—don’t offer the best platforms for boxers. This week in the UK both David Haye and Carl Frampton were herded out on separate Quiz Shows and chewed into shark chum. Frampton didn’t seem to know much about his chosen specialist subject: The Office (UK). While David Haye was asked, “Which of the following is the name of a glass used to drink Champagne from—Guitar, Bassoon, Cello, or Flute?”  He opted to ask the audience for help.


The social media response was predictable. The sport was mocked as being the stomping ground of morons. There is a special sneer reserved for boxing, generally speaking. People who don’t watch the sport look down and tar everybody involved, from fans to promoters, with the stupid brush. They are wrong 99% of the time. As was also proven this week, but not in a tiny television studio with an overdeveloped lighting plan and an apathetic audience.


Up stepped the Anthony Joshua/Matchroom/DAZN brain pool, smiling and smirking and shaking everybody warmly by the throat as it took a virtual seat. The news was Machiavellian at best, and just good business practice at worst: Joshua hinted he’d give up his contractual defense obligations to the WBO. He’s allegedly eyeing a mega-fight with the winner of Fury/Wilder in the summer, but the two mandatory defenses owed to the IBF and the WBO will take, as the modern rate goes, a whole year. Fearing the world will have moved on by then, Matchroom may well drop the WBO belt right into the lap of Oleksandr Usyk...number one contender with the WBO…and……also a carefully cosseted Matchroom fighter.


In the meantime, Matchroom can farm out Usyk to Dillian Whyte and/or Dereck Chisora for some ready UK cash while the golden goose deals with the Fury/Wilder fallout and comes crashing into the ring to regain the WBO belt from any one of his three stablemates. Game, set, and match, Matchroom.


Anything but stupid. 

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