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Don't Punch a Gift Horse in the Mouth

By Robert Ecksel on February 24, 2020


“He can’t do anymore. Enough is enough. There’s more to life now. He’s given it his all.”

John Fury is his name. He’s the father of Tyson Fury, the new WBC heavyweight champion. He told “Good Morning Britain” he’s “ecstatic” at his son’s victory over Deontay Wilder last weekend, but expressed reservations about Tyson continuing to box.


“I want my son to retire now,” John Fury said. “He’s done enough. It’s been an uphill battle for him. He’s done enough. I want him to pack it in now.”


That’s the last thing fight fans want to hear. Hopefully it’s the last thing Tyson Fury wants to hear. But John Fury can be persuasive.


“I think it’s in the back of his mind. He can’t do anymore. He’s won every professional title. Enough is enough. There’s more to life now. He’s given it his all. He’s got no more to prove. He’s proved he’s been a worthy champion from this country. He’s been 13 years as a pro and he’s always been the opponent.


“Whatever he’s gone into, it’s been an uphill battle for him. He’s 32 years old. He’s got a young family and I do believe his children deserve their father. He’s done enough and that’s my opinion.”


Few go out on top. Most of them kept their distance after retiring, but the lure is always there. It's the one place where the cheering never ends. Fury is in a position to cash in like never before. He’d be nuts to punch a gift horse in the mouth after all he’s been through. Besides, at this very moment, there’s no one out there capable of beating him.


The only person who can beat Tyson Fury is Tyson Fury.

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