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Boxing News by Ben Thomsett


Matchroom lock out the Heavys?

January 6, 2020

The sport was mocked as being the stomping ground of morons. There is a special sneer reserved for boxing, generally speaking…


Broner's Solution

January 4, 2020

Only one current boxer’s name springs out from the garbage heap when I think about dumbness in all its crass and predictable and foul forms: Adrien Broner…

saudi arabia.jpg

Conflict (Cash with no questions)

January 8, 2020

Eddie Hearn says the “Hospitality out there (Saudi Arabia) is first class…” He doesn’t seem to be a man to ask questions while the drinks stay iced…


Tyson Fury—The Boxing Superhero

January 28, 2020

Someone like Tyson—brave, dedicated, skilled, tough, talented—is paid millions to show us all that superheroes might just exist for real…


Fury for the Win

February 18, 2020

Someone with a Ferrari and access to a screen is instantly saleable to virtually anybody with a broken heart and a jealous streak….and a PPV Buy button.…


Wilder—Goodbye Emperor.

February 25, 2020

Wilder’s right hand could topple anyone, on any given day. His only flaw, seemingly unnoticed by the legions of his followers, was simple...


Oh Lord, save us from the Boxing Promoter......

March 13, 2020

They are utterly ruthless, money-driven, emotionless, reptiles, with no heartbeats or the ability to taste anything other than fresh blood…

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